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advanced technilogy and equipment for high quality automotive

9-11, june,2021                                beijing-china international exhibition center

beijing international automotive manufacturing exhibition, short name for biame, is china’s premier exhibition for the automotive industry, featuring more than 680 

exhibitors from 38 countries and over 53000 square meters of display space. 

biame2021 will have its opening in 9-11 of june at china international exhibition center. the exhibition presents an unparalleled width and depth of products 

and services throughout all production sectors of automotive industry. industry professionals with decision-making authority and technical expertise, including ceos, 

board members and subject specialists from all production backgrounds attend biame to learn about all the latest innovations. 

leading automotive industry development and future marketingdirection& demand,biame 2021 highlights innovations in network, lightweight car body structure, ar/vr,

automation& smart factory solutions,automotive body stamping, welding and joining, painting, automotive assembly, automotive parts machining engineering, assembly

and testing, vehicle materials and design, vehicle development and trial production, intelligent production line logistics, quality control and testing bygathering together

the world's top auto manufacturing equipment manufacturers and solution providers.  

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